合十Reverence (CD 2)

2009-03-20|時間 : 01:13:50|觀看次數 : 27,638
提供者 : Dhamma
般若波羅密多心經咒 Heart Sutra Mantra曲:刘伟雄Liew Woi Hiong

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodi Svaha
揭諦 揭諦 波羅揭諦 波羅僧揭諦 菩提 娑婆訶


Gate: Gone, gone
揭諦: 去了!去了!

Para-gate: Gone beyond
波羅揭諦: 向彼岸去了!

Para-samgate: Gone altogether beyond

Bodhi: perfect wisdom、enlightenment、understanding
菩提: 意譯為覺之意

Svaha: Hail ! May a blessing rest on!
娑婆訶: 究竟、成就之意
六字大明咒 Mantra of Compassion

Om Mani Padme Hung嗡嘛呢叭咪吽

Om Mani Padme Hung has no direct English translation, but often used as a guide is "Hail the jewel in the heart of lotus" or "Behold! The jewel in the lotus!". The Dalai Lama has given a synopsis of its meaning as "Thus the six syllables, Om Mani Padme Hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech and mind into pure exalted body, speech and mind of a Buddha. It is said that you should not seek for Buddhahood outside of yourself; the substances for the achievement of Buddhahood are within.

Speaking, writing, or viewing the written form of this sacred prayer is believed to benefit karma, invoking the benevolent blessings of Chenrezig (Tibetan) Avalokiteshvara (Sanskrit), the embodiment of compassion.

嗡 嘛 呢 呗 咪 吽 没有直接的华文翻译,但常被译为为 「 皈 依 莲 华 上 之 摩 尼 珠 」 。尊贵的第十四世达赖喇嘛宣说六字大明咒(嗡 嘛 呢 呗 咪 吽)的意思就是:藉着方便与智慧不二的法门来修行,你就可以将自己不净的身,语,意转化成佛陀清静崇高的身,语,意。我们常听到不应于自心之外寻求佛果,所有成佛的要素皆在自心之内。不单口唱此明咒始有功德 , 即着于身 、 持于手 、 蒙于家 , 亦得解脱生死之因。
药师佛心咒Heart Mantra of Medicine Buddha 曲/music:谢德勳Karamen Chia

Tadyatha Om Bhekhandzye Bhekhandzye Maha Bhekhandzye Raja Samugate Svaha


Tadyatha: It runs like this

Om: Medicine Buddha’s Completely pure holy body,speech and mind.

Bhekhandzye Bhekhandzye:Medicine that eliminates suffering.! (x2)
贝康杰. 贝康杰: 灭苦的良药!灭苦的良药!

Maha Bhekhandzye: Great Medicine that eliminates suffering

Raja: King of Medicine Buddha Lapis Light
喇扎: 药师琉璃光王

Samugate:Risen up,Come Forth, appeared, begun
娑摩嘎德: 出生`出现`成就之意

Svaha: Hail! May a blessing rest on!
梭哈: 究竟、成就之意!

药师佛灌顶真言 The Great Dharani of Medicine Buddha 曲/music:刘伟雄Liew Woi Hiong

na mo bo qie fa di bi sha she Gu lu
南 谟 薄 伽 伐 帝 , 鞞 杀 社, 窶 噜,

bi liu li bo lai po he lai she ye
薜 琉 璃, 钵 喇 婆, 喝 啰 阇 也,

dan ta jie duo ye a lai he di san miao san pu tuo ye
怛 他 揭 多 耶,阿 啰 诃 帝,三 藐 三 勃 陀 耶,

dan zhi ta Om bi sha shi bi sha shi
怛 姪 他, 唵,鞞 刹 逝 ,鞞 刹 逝,

bi sha she san mo jie di Sva ha
鞞 杀 社,三 没 揭 帝, 莎 诃。


南谟Namo: 是南无,礼敬`皈命之意。Homage

薄伽伐帝Bo Qie Fa di: 世尊。 World Honored one

鞞杀社 Bi Sha She:药。Medicine

窶噜 Gu Lu: 师`上师。Teacher

薜琉璃 Bi Liu Li: 琉璃。Lazuli

钵喇婆 Bo Lai Po: 光。Light

喝啰阇也He Lai She Ye:药师琉璃光王。King Of Medicine Buddha Lapis Light

怛他揭多耶Dan Ta Jie Duo Ye: 如来。
Tathagata, one who has thus gone and come. Refers to Buddha.

阿啰诃帝A Lai He Di:阿罗汉`应供之意。Arhat, one worthy of offerings.

三藐三勃陀耶San Miao San Pu Tuo Ye: 正等觉`正遍知`正等觉之意。
One who has attained to complete enlightenment.

怛姪他Dan Zhi Ta:即说咒曰。It runs like this.

唵,鞞 刹 逝 ,鞞 刹 逝,鞞杀社,三 没 揭 帝,莎诃:
Om Bi Sha Shi Bi Sha Shi Bi Sha She San Mo Jie Di Sva Ha:
唵 药! 药! 药生起来!莎诃!
Om Medicine! Medicine! Medicine Risen up! Hail!
Tiratana The Three Jewels

Yo vadatam pavarō manujēsu Sakyamuni bhagavā kata kiccō
Pāra gatō bala viriya samangi Tam sugatam saranattha mupēmi

Rāga virāga manēja – masōkam Dhamma – masankhata mappati kūlam
Madhura mimam pagunam suvibhattam Dhamma – mimam saranattha mupēmi

Yattha ca dinna mahapphala – mahū Catusu sucīsu purisa yugēsu
Attha ca puggala dhamma dasāte Sangha – mimam saranattha mupēmi

Sarannatta - Mupemi
(Verses for Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem)

Who is the supreme speaker
amongst mankind, Sakya Sage,
O Holy One, Whose task is done.
Gone beyond (this round of rebirths)
possessed of power and energy.
To Thee, the Buddha, I go for refuge!

Exempt from lust, from craving,
Law unconditioned and delectable,
sweet, potent, profoundly analytical.
To this very Dhamma, I go for refuge!

Whatever is given bears fruit 'tis said,
there are four Pure Pairs of Persons
and these Eight, are people
who have realized the truth.
To this very Sangha, I go to refuge! 三皈依偈









He Shi is the most common gesture of showing reverence in Buddhism, it is done with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This simple gesture stabilises our mind and wards off distractions, it also contributes to our peace and allows us to be in union with the Buddha Dharma. Being a gesture of deep reverence, He Shi also symbolises peace, unity and completeness. The gathering of energy and effort from the ten directions is also represented by the meeting of ten fingers at one spot. He Shi also symbolises Great realisation through aspiration and action. By using aspiration to inspire the action and performing the action to realise the aspiration, only then could Great Aspiration be fulfilled.

Bodhicitta (菩提吉他) started off by composing campus Buddhist Hymns before moving on to compose Buddhist Hymns about daily life. We are also blessed with opportunities to render various inspirational chants of the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. Today, we are exploring and composing holistic music to integrate to various Mind-Body therapy works. All these are phases of growth, and chronicle our journey of studying, practising, realising and sharing the Buddha Dharma.

The theme “He Shi, Reverence” is chosen because this CD compilation contains10 years of our sincere compositions and sharing. It commemorates the completion of one phase of our journey and propels us forward on our next journey of aspiration!

Special thanks to all Venerable Sirs and kind volunteers who actively advocated the Buddhist Hymn movement. We are deeply grateful and touched by all who had stood by us to sing, share and compose; and by all who had unwaveringly supported and stoically journeyed with us. With our mission to touch the resonance within, may we continue to engage, motivate, inspire and strike a chord in others’ hearts. May the blessings of the Triple Gem shower upon all and may the righteous energy of the ten directions converge, as we stand by each other to create an oasis of peace and serenity, where the blissful sounds of the Buddha Dharma can be heard everywhere.


  • 1997年深受佛法启发而成立的獨立佛教音乐与歌唱组合
  • 2001年至今已推出七张佛曲专辑与"佛曲大家唱"系列教材
  • 2002年制作"启心动韵"
  • 2004年至2006年成立"法螺"-佛教音乐人交流与佛曲分享平台。
  • 受邀于新加坡电台Passion FM99.5,FM100.3以及亚洲新闻台
    Channel News
    Asia (CNA)接受专访。
  • 目前投入多元艺术和心灵音乐创作演绎,透过此类音乐及身心放松


·         An Independent Dharma inspired music group formed since Yr1997.

·         Released 7 CD albums of Buddhist Hymns, Gathas & Mantras from Yr2001 to 2009.

·         Produced “Motivation. Unplugged", a charity concert held at UCC (University Cultural Centre), with the effort to fuse music of the east and west with a holistic touch in Yr2002.

·         From Yr 2004 to 2006 established "Dharma Resonance"– a Buddhist network and performance platform hosted at music cafes in the city.

·         Co-produces Buddhist Hymns and Dharma teaching kit Let’s Sing Together “series with PKSSSS from Yr2006.

·         Interviewed by major media such as radio broadcasting stations Passion FM99.5, Hearts Radio FM100.3 and Channel News Asia (CNA).

·         Presently, the group had embrace various art forms and creative means such as painting, poetry, dance, relaxation music and mind-body relaxation techniques to engage, motivate, inspire and touch hearts.

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